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“It is hard to put it into words how working with Michelle on my issues have transformed me. If there is one thing I have learnt and put into practice is "only do it if it feels right because you need to honor yourself". I have always put others before myself and working with her has reminded me how it all starts with loving myself first and making my needs important to do something about it. Michelle is a genuinely caring, empathetic and wise person who does not just coach clients but is there in more ways than one. Michelle is the best therapist ever!"

  • Coaching Client

“If you're seeking an independent perspective on any aspect of your life, to help support your personal growth and development, or to deal with a specific issue you may be facing, then I'd highly recommend Michelle Tanmizi as a source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Over the past two years Michelle has helped me to develop greater self awareness, increased confidence in my business leadership skills, as well as providing an empathetic sounding board on broader life matters too. Michelle is very focused, and will challenge your limiting beliefs to help you reframe your mindset and thereby act as a catalyst for change. Michelle's approach is extremely practical, with constructive suggestions and ideas to stimulate your own self reflection. Michelle has strong interpersonal skills, and quickly establishes a good rapport and a high degree of trust."

  • Coaching Client

... Michelle Tanmizi led a staff retreat and held several workshops to train the staff, including frontline workers such as myself, in a better understanding of personality traits and mindsets with the help of meta-programs based on the method of Michael Hall. The training sessions generally consisted of a theoretical introduction followed by role plays and practical examples. With the help of interactive teaching methods and her experience working with personnel from different spheres, she would quickly find ways to connect her teachings with day-to-day situations in the field. This approach made it easy for us to grasp and to put these methods into practice at a later stage. Overall, her lessons were dynamic, informative and captivating.

In addition to the staff training, she supported clients and team members as a pro-bono coach. She was my personal coach for over 1.5 years during which she applied capacity building to help me cope with stress, improve my work environment/methods and maintain healthy boundaries with my clients. Michelle is an empathetic and committed person with impressive social skills and a wonderful personality, whom I warmly recommend for staff training and one-to-one counselling/coaching."
  • Group and Individual Coaching Client

“To describe my learning process with Michelle Tanmizi, I can only thing of these words: Clear, Neat, Assertive and Fun.

It was my pleasure to be part of the Advanced Coaching Essentials program under her lead, which I believe has been very productive and definitely will have a deep impact for a future promising performance. I can't wait to reach the next level!

Thanks a lot Michelle, for being so nice, dedicated and fun teacher, it was an easy-going learning playground, seeding good solid foundations for our growth... and this, is priceless.."

  • Student of Advanced Coaching Essentials Course

“Thanks very much, it was a wonderful experience!

Now I know more about myself and how to handle things, thanks to the simple and well structured new methods I have learned with you Michelle, (from now on  I will call them "wake up-calls"!).

I really appreciate your kind and patience attitude during the training, and all your efforts to make it interesting and interactive, as well as your detailed explanations.

You are really doing a huge contribution to Conciousness and Awareness. It would be a perfect world if everyone access to it!  Hope this benefits can keep spreading among people in this planet.

Thanks again, ... and keep the good work up!"

  • Student of Self-Leadership and Personal Empowerment course (APG)

“Michelle has an inexplicable ability to get in touch with the soul of another person. She cared and loved, but not indulged; she was assertive, but not ruthless. She would easily be among the most effective and memorable people one could come across in life.

I could never thank her enough for the service she offered to me, pro-bono, as a professional, who asked nothing in return. Michelle's work in a way inspired me to start offering service to other people who needed it, as long as it is within my capacity to offer them. If there is a flow of positive energy somewhere in this human ecological system, she started it."

  • Coaching Client

“When I was offered the chance to work with Michelle to learn her coaching techniques, I grabbed it. I'd heard glowing reports from the community regarding her style, method and results. Also, I had always wished to bridge the mental gap I had between being a regular human with a Psychology degree, and a coach. Michelle's practical approach allowed me to apply and develop the methods of NLP and the meta-states. Michelle takes a very personal approach, constantly using herself as an example. The course totally satisfied my expectations and I feel I am having a much greater, more meaningful connection with everyday people in my life as a result. I highly recomment Michelle as a facilitator of the skills of her trade."

  • Student of Advanced Coaching Essentials

“Thanks a lot Michelle!

We learned some very practical skills for exploring ourselves and connecting with others. I greatly appreciated your generosity as a trainer and person and I will definitely be coming for the second module in November!

Thanks again."

  • Student of Self-Leadership and Personal Empowerment course (APG)

“I took my Essential Coaching course with Michelle and I am extremely happy that I did so. Michelle is very generous trainer. She explains things with clarity with lots of examples. She is also very patient in answering our questions and in explaining things that we do not understand. The course content itself, its amazing as it helps me in navigating my own life. Highly recommend it."

  • Student of Advanced Coaching Essentials

“Michelle Tanmizi's "Advanced Coaching Essentials" gave me unique insight into how to better listen and respond to people from all walks of life. Her enthusiastic, professional, and thoughtful facilitation ensured we had time to practice new skills, as well as discuss those we thought we knew! I would recommend her training program enthusiastically."

  • Student of Advanced Coaching Essentials

“Michelle was the General Manager of Parfums Christian Dior who hired me as a Marketing Manager, I reported to her on a daily basis, from which I have learnt a lot of different marketing skills and interpersonal techniques.  Though she was very lady like, but when it came to work, she had the energy of a male and handled difficulties smartly.  Fabulous in decision making, fast and decisive, Michelle showed great loving and caring to her subordinates and I am so proud to have her as a boss in my life.”

  • Former Marketing Manager at International Cosmetic Brand, who reported to Michelle

"During her time as my manager, Michelle was a breath of fresh air. Her enthusiasm and energy were contagious, and her man-management skills were exemplary, impressive, effective and ‘spot-on’."

  • Former Senior Teacher at Englishtown

“I have enjoyed and appreciated having had the opportunity to work with Michelle. I was always grateful for the support, guidance, and encouragement she has provided me during my time at Elizabeth Arden.”

  • Former Sales Manager at an international luxury cosmetics distribution company, who reported to Michelle

“Michelle is the kind of person who always brings in positive energy and passion to the team. Besides being an open-minded and inspirational leader, Michelle also demonstrates a high degree of expertise in business and people management. Her persistence in achieving the best result for the company and people she works with makes her an asset to any organization.”

  • Former Senior Online Marketing Manager at a luxury department store and previously Head of Online Marketing at an international online English school