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“Our attitude towards Life determines Life's attitude towards Us." - John N. Mitchell

The Zama Difference

Being both International and Asian and with 20 years of Corporate experience, Zama understands Cultural Differences and how it is to work in the Asian region as an international entity.

Drawing from the Founder’s vast experience in ‘Western’ management style in an Asian environment, we understand Gender issues - the differences between Masculine and Feminine work dynamics - and the importance in maintaining a healthy, balanced and safe working environment and ethics.

In an ever changing world, flexibility and adaptability are advantageous life skills to possess as it is important to have healthy coping competency in order to handle life's challenges. Specialising in Conscious Life and Work Management as well as Behavioural and Leadership Coaching, we 'walk' the journey beside our clients, facilitating life skills as well as any other necessary expertise required to allow them to achieve their goals. Zama understands and can help you Make the difference to Be the difference!

Core Strengths and Values

Experience and Expertise
From the Founder’s 20 years of corporate experience and work, we understand the Executive mindset, business culture as well as Personal Limiting Behaviour that can prevent achievement of goals. We transfer and adapt our experience, expertise and knowledge into the services we provide. We are also experienced with working with people of different cultures and ages.

Besides our Qualifications, we are specialists in Effective Business and Life Skills Trainings that will make a difference in the participant’s experience and behaviour. We are passionate about and know how to transfer knowledge from the Training room into the work or personal environment.

We are part of international coaching and training organisations and our Coach and Trainer is highly qualified. We also provide clients with a Return on Investment as well as measurable results.

Integrity and Authenticity
Being both Asian and International, we understand cultural differences and incorporate these effectively and positively into our trainings and coaching sessions so that clients get the best experience and learnings/understandings.

Zama is committed to delivering a service based on Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Trust and Confidentiality, held to the highest standards of professional conduct and standards.

We offer face-to-face and online (Skype) coaching in English and French, meeting the needs of busy clients who travel frequently. We also offer tailor-made trainings according to your needs.

Social Responsibility
We believe in making a Difference in our clients' lives as well as within the local community by supporting and helping in their Coaching and Training needs, congruent with our belief of Creating Consciousness in the Community. We offer probono work to Non-Profit Organisations who require Coaching and Training for their Front-line staff and clients.