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The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu

"Be Humble for You Are Made of Earth,
Be Noble for You Are Made of Stars." - Serbian Proverb


Zama International is a Bespoke Coaching and Training Company specialising in:

  • Conscious Life and Work Management
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Behavioural Coaching
  • Personal Development Coaching - in Business & Personal Life
  • Women Career Advancement and Leadership Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching / Mentoring
  • Business and Life Skills Trainings

We are founded in Hong Kong and work locally and internationally. We believe in Authenticity of the Individual and Humanity in the Workplace and facilitate this through Behavioural and Leadership Coaching and Trainings.

Zama facilitates sessions and programmes for individuals who are feeling stuck in their work or life journey and would like to move forward. This is about Coaching for Change, Transformation, Self-Development, Opportunity, Leadership and Empowerment. We believe that everyone deserves and can achieve the professional and personal life each person desires. Coaching is a highly focused dialogue that not only gets to the heart of the situation but also empowers the Individual by giving choice and decision back to him or her.

In Businesses, product aside, a Successful and Balanced Company is comprised of:

  1. A content and competent staff
  2. Good Management Dynamics
  3. Healthy Development and Learning Opportunities

If all these areas in the company are not compatible or working in harmony, it does not matter what the company does, it will not reach the level of achievement that it wishes to attain because there is NO SPARK and no positive Energy to carry the company forward.

Individuals are the building blocks of Multi-national conglomerates. Zama improves your management dynamics by facilitating tailor-made Coaching Programmes and conducting Communications, Life and Business Skills Trainings so that there is a happy and balanced working environment and also to develop your Key Staff in order to achieve new levels of Performance and Accountability.

Zama also conducts Certified Basic Coaching Courses for Individuals wishing to debut in this career choice.

We believe in bringing Humanity Back to the Workplace and Bringing Authenticity back into Your Life!